Stories are meant to be shared, and at Homegrown DocFest our students have the opportunity to share their stories. At the end of each term, student filmmakers from our DIY Documentary program premiere their works on the big screen at Clinton Street Theatre.

Their stories are about anything and everything, such as a roller derby, Oregon’s oldest Buddhist temple, a gay gun club, preserving historic places, waiting for a kidney transplant – even banana slugs!  The ambience of the Clinton Street Theatre coupled with the unique perspectives of our storytellers makes for a fantastic event, leaving the audience feeling more connected to the people and places in Portland.

At the end of the screening audiences and filmmakers interact with a Q&A. Homegrown DocFest is a celebrated and anticipated art event in Portland that happens three times annually in conjunction with our workshop schedule.

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Learn more about the DIY Documentary program by watching the video below. Our Vimeo Channel features a selection of our student work.


Director: Bryan Nelson
A transgender ballet dancer muses on her love of movement and the sense of self she has cultivated through that expression. Featured on OPB’s Oregon Lens.

“A Wing and A Prayer”
Director: Noreena McCleave
This is not your average southern inspired dish; rather each order comes with a side of soul. For business owner, Ronda Chiles’ cooking is less about the food and more about taking care of her community with the help of God. Created through the DIY Documentary workshop by high school student Noreena McCleave.

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