DIY Documentary


10 Mondays starting March 19th

Start Time: 6:00 pm
End Time: 8:00 pm

Start Date: March 19, 2018
End Date: May 21st, 2018

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From concept to creation to screening – see your first film realized in just 10 short weeks! Our DIY Documentary class guides students through the stages of producing a short film with technical support and an emphasis on storytelling. Students work solo or collaboratively outside of class to shoot and edit their films. Editing software is available at NW Doc, or students may work on their own. DIY films are screened at Homegrown DocFest on May 25th. Must have digital editing experience or sign up for an Editing 101 workshop.

Andy Adkins documented the first All-African-American mountaineering team to attempt Denali in An American Ascent, and has produced and edited documentaries for PBS and National Park Service among others. He has an MFA in documentary film.