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Ian and CharisFriends, family, and fans across the world mourn the passing of Charis Wilson (1914-2009).

Articles anounced her death today, including NY Times and LA Times .

Charis Wilson was the subject and star of NW Documentary’s 2007 documentary, Eloquent Nude. She attended the world premiere of the film in Portland, and joined us at screenings in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and her original hometown of Carmel. Before public release, the rough cut of the film was screened for her in her livingroom, circled by the cast and crew of the film, including director Ian McCluskey, Barrett Rudich, Christine Bernsten, Jason Edwards, Julie Gliniany, Peter Bosak, and her daughter, Rachel Harris.

Director Ian McCluskey and Associate Director Julie Gliniany spoke to Charis by phone last week.  Charis was, as usually, joyful, funny, and sweet.  She sang us a song and ended the conversation: “I want to say bye, but I don’t want to say bye.  I want to say I love you, I love you, I love you…”

We love you, too, Charis.

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