Drive-Ins, Artists, & Atypical Lives: Watch the newest D.I.Y. Documentaries online

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If you weren’t able to attend our Homegrown Film Festival this time around, you can still check out the most recent batch of student work online!

We’re so proud of the work produced by our workshop participants, and we’re looking forward to many more great films in 2018!

If you’d like to turn your own story into a film, you can sign up for workshops here!
Spring classes start late February/early March.


Kendra Jacobson’s compelling film “The 99W” is both a love letter to independent cinema and a reminder of why it still matters.


Chris Cearnal’s beautifully shot piece “Joan” presents a fascinating profile of her mother’s relationship with art and life.


Christine Brautigam’s high-energy “A5 A.Live!” is a whirlwind tour of the current landscape of A5’s [Asperger’s, Autism, ADHD, & Atypical Adults], as well as a poignant reconsideration of how often we think in terms of peoples’ limitations.

Check out our Vimeo channel to see other films by past D.I.Y. participants.

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