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NW Documentary regularly hosts screenings, networking and educational events, as well as partnering on organizational events. Stay updated on our most current event on Meetup Facebook and our Calendar.

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Homegrown DocFest

Homegrown is our three-times annual screening showcasing our student work from the DIY Documentary program. Filmmakers complete a 10-week course in documentary film and screen their works at the Clinton Theatre. Comprised of adults and youth and both new and experienced filmmakers, Homegrown DocFest is a lively event celebrating the dedication of the makers and the great stories that get highlighted in their communities. With generous support from Pro Photo, the event affirms our belief that Everyone Has a Story and should have an opportunity to share it too.

Upcoming Events:
August 25th 2017 at the Clinton Street Theatre, 7pm
Glena, Free Screening, 7pm at the Media Center

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