NW Documentary is Portland’s center for documentary storytelling.

As a non-profit, we exist to help gather, craft and share important untold stories. We do this by uniting talented, creative professionals, students, and community members together in creating major original works. Coming together, we are able to be part of something larger than ourselves, creating new opportunities for professional development and a significant non-fiction work for posterity. Our films have been celebrated around the world in many of the leading film festivals, and garnering prestigious accolades for artistic excellence.

With our skills, knowledge, and practical in-the-field experience, we share our passion for documentary with others. We offer affordable, hands-on workshops so that anyone in our community can come and learn how to tell their story and the stories that matter most to them. Our workshops have trained more than 200 new storytellers, creating hundreds of original documentaries, which are shared in public events and special presentations.

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