Voyagers Without Trace (2015)

Stumbling across a remote historic marker launches filmmaker Ian McCluskey on a quest to retrace the journey of three French adventures who came to the American West in 1938 with kayaks, cameras, and beer.

What led an explorer, his new bride, and his best friend halfway around the world on the eve of World War II? What secrets do flooded canyons and a weathered journal still hold?

Ian traces the trio’s wake back to Europe, uncovering unexpected connections to the French Resistance, the advent of the French Riviera, and the possibilities that free-spirited risk-taking offers to all. To find out more, or purchase a Blu-Ray visit

Voyagers Without Trace DVD $20



 Bare As You Dare: Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride (2014)

Each year, thousands of Portlanders gather en masse, take off their clothes, and ride through the city streets. Since 2004, World Naked Bike Rides happen in more than 75 cities around the globe–but Portland, Oregon, hosts (by far) the largest. Assembling a quirky cast of first-time riders and event organizers, this light-hearted documentary explorers  the variety of experiences and meanings the annual event holds for participants. Some ride as a display of vulnerability and environmental awareness of transportation, while others ride to break out of their shells or contend with issues of health and body image. Whatever they ride for, this short celebrates the joy of “baring as you dare” in the world’s largest naked bike ride. Bare As You Dare: World Naked Bike Ride has a 17 minute run time. For more information on the film go to

Bare As You Dare DVD $12


Summer Snapshot (2012)

Summer Snapshot plays out, shot by sun-kissed shot, an idyllic day at a mountain river where a group of friends spend an afternoon skinny-dipping, strumming guitars, and circling a campfire. Reminiscent of a 1970s home movie, Summer Snapshot is a nostalgic reflection on the fleeting window between youth and adulthood. The DVD has nifty bonus features in a hand-folded, custom printed chipboard case. Find out more at

Summer Snapshot DVD $12


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Eloquent Nude (2007)

One of NW Documentary’s original productions, director Ian McCluskey created the film with the help of hundreds of volunteers and supporters. It has gone on to win prestigious honors such as three NW Regional Emmy Awards, and participate in festivals such as Full Frame Documentary Film Festival and IFP. This Deluxe Edition DVD includes beautiful and informative special features, including the “Making of Eloquent Nude”, as well as many unpublished photographs from Edward Weston’s collection and Charis Wilson’s private journals.

Eloquent Nude DVD $20




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SunGu Ja (2004)

Oregon has always been famous for pioneers crossing the Plains in covered wagons “going west,” to seek a new start. But other pioneers came to Oregon, not by land, but sea, crossing the Pacific, bringing their own connections to ancient cultures, and setting down fresh roots. Over the past century, three “waves” of Korean immigrants have come to settle at the end of the Oregon Trail. This is their story.

SunGu Ja retraces the 100-year history of Korean immigration to the Pacific Coast, with touchstones to the major events of the 20th Century. The first-hand accounts include family farmers, a Tae Kwon Do master, a Korean War veteran and Korean adoptees.

Sun Gu Ja DVD $20


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