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Looking for production experience or gigs assisting on local crews? Below are some of the opportunities in the Portland area that have recently come across our desk.

These are requests for crew submitted by the public. For opportunities specific to NW Documentary please see our Volunteering & Employment section of the website. Please note, NW Doc assumes no responsibility for the productions or the folks involved on this list.

If you have an opportunity for paid or volunteer crew positions that you would like to share with our network, please submit a Seeking Crew Posting Request.

Contact Name: Karen Carillo

Contact Email:


Seeking: Camera Operator, Sound, Lighting, Assistant, Editor

Production Time: November 2016-February 2017 (schedule flexible)

Description: The Columbia Slough Watershed Council is seeking a Video Production Volunteer to help film, edit and produce our annual awards videos and/or special appeal video.

Each year the most outstanding accomplishments are recognized at the Columbia Slough Watershed Council’s Annual Slough Celebration. The Celebration recognizes individuals, groups, organizations and projects that have made extraordinary contributions to protect, enhance, restore, and revitalize the Columbia Slough and its watershed through leadership and achievement awards.

Each award is recognized with a humorous video describing the award winner’s efforts. For a look at what has been done in the past, check out our videos from last year. The Video Production Volunteer will be responsible for filming, editing and ensuring the final production of the award videos in a timely manner. We’ll provide the acting talent, scriptwriting, and administrative support. There may be an opportunity to assist with script writing depending on the volunteer’s skill set and interest.

Visit our volunteer opportunities page to learn more:

Compensation: Volunteer Opportunity

Time Commitment: In the past, the project has taken around 110 hours to complete. The project would be showcased at our awards ceremony (200+ in attendance) and through all our online/web relations.

Posted 11/7/2016


Contact Name: Jen Tate

Contact Email:


Seeking: Camera Operator, Sound, Assistant

Production Time: Oct-Dec 2016

Description: As the title implies, I am making a documentary about karaoke. And not the late night drunk crooning that often first comes to mind. I want to tell the stories of the guy who drives 50 miles every Tuesday with his personal mic that once belonged to Elvis, and the voice coach who takes her students with Down’s Syndrome out to karaoke as therapy. Portland has one of the most thriving and diverse karaoke scenes around, and I want to capture and share that with the world.
And for one particular event, I need a FEMALE Camera Operator.

Timeframe: 1-2 shoots a week, approx 4 hours each

Compensation: Some pay and/or trade provided. Compensation based on experience and availability.

Time Commitment: 3 days