Equipment Rental

Everything you need to make a documentary—digital cameras, tripods, lav mics, shotgun mics, boom poles—the works!

With the help of individual donors, grants, and business partners, we are able to keep rental rates affordable, while providing tools for professional-quality projects.

NW Documentary has everything you need to make a documentary: cameras, tripods, lav mics, shotgun mics, boom poles—the works! We encourage students to rent gear here—it’s affordable, reliable, professional equipment. Looking to buy? Here is a list of recommended equipment.

All rental periods are for 4 days. Prices listed below are for members only. Call or email to inquire about non-member prices. Equipment must be reserved at least 48 hours in advance. A NW Documentary staff member will respond to your request to confirm availability within 2 business days. Equipment is limited, please reserve ahead of time.

Camera Packages

Panasonic HMC150 (batteries, SD cards) $50
DSLR Camera (batteries, SD cards): $50
Tripod $10
Slider $20

Audio Packages
Shotgun Microphone: $15
Wireless Lavalier Microphone: $15
H6 Zoom Recorder: $20
Boom Poles: $10
Mic Stands: $10
XLR cables $2
Shock Mounts $2
Headphones $5

Lighting Packages

DIY Light Kit (3 clamp lamps, extension cord): $15
150W Fresnels $15
Small RIFA softbox $20
Small LED light $5
Reflector: $5
Light stands $3

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